The best things to do in the world include attending top-notch festivals in Guelph. Be it a rocking music festival or scrumptious food festival in Guelph, you will have a gala time of your life with a few of your close friends or your family. With the best of fun, entertainment, and food, the experience in festivals lets the enthusiasts immerse in the local culture and vibe. Ranging from the biggest outdoor beach parties to crazy music festivals, the festivals fall under various categories to suit everybody’s tastes.

One of the best features about living in Guelph, Ontario is that it is located within an hour’s distance from some of the most populous and major cities in the Greater Toronto area. In the west, the city of Toronto is only 70 kilometers from Guelph thus ensuring a short 45 to 60-minute one-way trip. In the east, it is only 23 kilometers from Waterloo or about 35 minutes from the car. Similarly, in the north, the city of Hamilton is only 46 kilometers or 40 to 45 minutes away from Guelph.

With one of the highest employment rates in the country, the city of Guelph is a hub of growing economic activity. When it comes to job security, potential residents can rest easy knowing that the city’s high employment rate of almost 67% will provide them with many opportunities to grow and build a sustainable life. According to the Bank of Montreal (BMO), Guelph is one of the best cities to easily find employment.

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